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How to Make Money With Bitcoin: Complete Guide

If you’re not familiar with much about Bitcoin This guide is ideal for you. The Bitcoin digital currency was fairly inaccessible until the year 2017.

After the explosion of the Great Bitcoin Bubble of 2017 In 2017, almost all people in market, both emerging and developed, knew about Bitcoin regardless of whether they purchased any or not. Bitcoins recent rise towards the $10,000-mark appears to set a new level to the crypto.

The Bitcoin fever is beginning to increase in intensity according to some experts who predict an increase to $50,000. If you are looking to position you in the event of a Bitcoin bull-run, you should be aware of the possibilities that are available in the current market.

If you are positioned to profit from the development in the future Bitcoin bubble, you are able to gain in value in dollars, which could make you financially secure for the rest of your life. This guide will provide some strategies that you can apply in order to make Bitcoin and make a better future for yourself in the world that is based on digital currency.

A Brief History of Bitcoin

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The way we think about money changed when on October 31, 2008 „Satoshi Nakamoto“ published a whitepaper that described a peer-to-peer electronic cash system. Bitcoin was only an idea for many years before it was noticed by traders.

In the beginning of Bitcoin’s growth up to 2010 the world was unaware of the future value of bitcoin. The only people who knew about Bitcoin were gamers and tech-heads. In the beginning phase of cryptocurrency’s in their early years that one of the most costly financial errors of all time took place. British Bitcoin Profit is a cryptocurrency exchange robot that Artificial Intelligence to place orders in crypto exchanges faster than human traders.

On May 22 on the 22nd of May, 2010 Laszlo Hanyecz, who is an avid Bitcoin enthusiast, completed the the first Bitcoin transaction. Laszlo purchased two Papa John’s pizzas, and then paid for the delivery using 10,000 Bitcoins. Based on Bitcoin’s current price, which is at around $10,000 mark, this would make it a total of $50-million per pizza even before we add the tip.

Image source: Laszlo Hanyecz’s Feb. 25 post on Lightning-dev mailing list

This particular event is right up with Microsoft founding father, Ronald Wayne, who took his 10-percent stake out of Microsoft for $800. The stake would be worth about $90-billion. Bitcoin received some attention in the gaming industry in the years to come however it was not until Mt. Gox was introduced in the year 2011 that Bitcoin became a household name.

Seven years later, we’re at the point to Bitcoins eleventh anniversary. Take just a moment. Bitcoin is only 11 years old in terms of technology. The magnitude of the disruption that this currency has caused in the last seven years is quite amazing to see.

Japan recognised Bitcoin as a valid currency back in 2014 and several other countries have followed suit. Bitcoins ATMs aren’t readily accessible in a lot of countries in the emerging and developed markets. Today , many retailers take Bitcoin as a form for payment. The cryptocurrency is even used in popular media in shows such as „Mr. Robot.“

Bitcoin is just beginning its journey, and still has a long way take in the near future. We don’t know where it’ll eventually end up. Some analysts claim that Bitcoin could be the next big thing in the world of finance. Others say there are real dangers to the existence of the cryptocurrency market.

There is no way to know what the future is in the world of digital currencies. But there is one thing that is certain; they are a fresh start in the world of finance. As governments try to incorporate crypto in their understanding of the world economy, many people in the business are joining the crypto bandwagon.

Facebook recently announced plan to introduce „Libra,“ a cryptocurrency only managed by Facebook. But, governments weren’t thrilled with the idea of money-launderers as well as drug dealers being in a position transfer money across borders in order to avoid capital control. This is why Libra has been snubbed by the majority of major tech companies that support the new cryptocurrency.

But, Bitcoin remains the most well-known digital currency. When you look at the daily trade volumes in the crypto market, and the market cap of all currencies, it’s evident it’s true that Bitcoin remains the sole genuine game on the table.

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A Brief History of Bitcoin Bubbles

The Great Bitcoin Bubble of 2017 has made every financial bubble before it appear to be a normal daily routine on the NYSE. After hitting peaks of almost $20,000 per coin, the Bitcoin price dropped to $3300.

The cryptocurrency has slowly returned to the $11,000 level in the next year and at the beginning of Q4 2019 The Bitcoin value is now $8,300 after a drop from the $10,000 mark.

The Bitcoin Bubble of 2017 caught all of us off guard, even the most experienced Bitcoin supporters. The rise in Bitcoin’s value from $4,000 to $20,000 took less than nine months and the majority of economists haven’t seen something like this in their lives.

When the price reached the $10,000 mark for the first occasion, people around the globe began to experience Bitcoin fever. The climb to $20,000 only took two months The world was convinced that Bitcoin could be worth $1 million coin.

Image from CoinMarketCap

The craze was only for a short time. The cryptocurrency plummeted over in the beginning of the year and many investors suffered an unpleasant experience during the process. In the midst of the hype there were stories of people who did stupid ways to get Bitcoin.

People who took out mortgages on their homes in order to purchase Bitcoin were commonplace, as the reports of scams involving mining firms and cryptocurrency continued expand. The ICO popularity that came from the growth of the Alt-coin sector also cost investors their clothing.

As FOMO (fear of being left out) increased in the wake of Bitcoin and ICOs, many took on the risk with everything they owned, and then lost everything they owned.

Millennials and Bitcoin

Although it’s been through the largest ever financial crisis, Bitcoin still has a large and loyal base of people who believe in the crypto. The millennial generation is the largest of users, miners and also holders (HODLer’s) for Bitcoin. The millennials were born in the early days of the age of information. This means that they are the first generation to be tech-savvy.

Many millennials grew up with smartphones, and they know how to make use of devices and internet access to earn money. Today, millennials make up over 60% of the population, and they are beginning to transition to the stage that sees them buy homes and begin families.

This means that Bitcoin continues to be a major role in the lives of millennials in the near future. As more merchants open their doors to accept Bitcoin payments, the Bitcoin network expands. The only thing that stands in the way of Bitcoin in becoming next global Reserve currency will be the state and the general acceptance.

Governments will not allow Bitcoin to be an official reserve currency. National and reserve currencies are the method of tax collection from the public. Because Bitcoin is virtually untraceable it is impossible for governments could accept it for tax payment. So, they’ll choose to ban Bitcoin before they will accept it.

But, millennials are comfortable with working without the system of authority. In the event that you’re an tech-savvy young person locked from the system of finance because of being in default on student debt, Bitcoin offers a new perspective on your life. If you’re aware of the ropes it is possible to pay for all the things you need with Bitcoin and use it to pay for transactions too.

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Is Bitcoin Money?

If individuals are prepared to make use of Bitcoin as a method to pay the balance of their debts, besides taxes This raises the question, is Bitcoin money? The sound money has several aspects that merit a mention. It’s first, it can be used for the payment of debts. Additionally, it is an fungible value, which means each unit is equal to or divisible by an additional. It can be portable, durable and is a storage of value for a long the course of.

If we take a look at the oldest type of currency gold, it is a perfect fit for this description. But the massive weight of gold bullion could make it difficult to transport large amounts. But, it is an excellent store of value over time and is divisible, fungible and long-lasting.

If we evaluate to the US Dollar to these same standards, we are in the middle. Since the introduction of the Federal Reserve in 1913, the Greenback has lost more than 96 percent in its buying power. It’s not enough to make fiat dollars an extremely useful asset to investors.

But, the dollar is king since it is the sole control of the world’s credit system, as the world’s leading reserve currency. If countries wish to pay their international obligations, they have to do so in dollars. Thus, the Greenback has gained its status as a currency due to its use in the entire world makes use of it to settle debts as well as pay taxes.

Bitcoin has the qualities of divisibility, fungibility, and is a recognized method of exchange. But, it’s not difficult loss of your Bitcoin wallet keys as well as your Bitcoins. Bitcoins are easily hacked with hot wallets, and the value is not stable enough to function as a value store.

We can therefore conclude that Bitcoin does not meet all the criteria needed to be regarded as a sound currency. But, in the current dollar-based world it’s evident that money has developed into a completely different species.

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How to earn money with Bitcoin

Once you’ve got an understanding of Bitcoin Let’s take a look at ways to earn money from this digital currency. The following tips were outlined to get you started in learning more about the ways Bitcoin can boost your earnings.

Choose a strategy that you can understand and begin to implement it now. There’s ample information online that can help you understand the method described below. But, the most important thing is you act. If you take actions, you’ll be ahead of your peers and get yourself a place in the future digital economy.

Buy and „HODL“

When people consider investing into Bitcoin They imagine the massive profit they will earn by selling their Bitcoins to dollars when prices rise. This method is known as holding and buying. It’s a common method employed by investors who invest in gold, and is employed within an investment portfolio to way to protect against the volatility of markets.

Typically, investors put the majority of their portfolios to bonds and stocks with the remaining 5-10 percent to gold bullion that is physical as bars or coins. There is a reason why Bitcoin supporters believe that the same principles of buying and holding applies to Bitcoin too. The true believers in cryptocurrency will promote their buy-and-hold strategy as the reason for why the Bitcoin price is steady.

In a sense, it’s an accurate assertion. In the section on the value of money in dollars It requires trust and participation from the general public to assign the money any value. But, this doesn’t mean you must use a buy and hold strategy to prove any value in bitcoin. Bitcoin market.

Bitcoiners who hold for the long-term use the term „HODL’ers,“ a misspelling of „Hold“.

The mistake that many of them commit is the fact that Bitcoin isn’t yet as a valuable store while gold has a long history of 2,500 years as a solid currency.

So, many people are surprised when prices reach $20,000 and then drops to $3,300. It is fine when you purchased the property with less than $2,500 but what happens if you buy at $10,000? It would result in an extremely large financial loss.

However, if you follow the method and HODL in the long run it is likely that you will be able to see a profit. The Bitcoiners who are still hoarding their dollars from 2009 smile the whole up to their bank. The reason is that they won’t have the money to cash in at any point however, rather they would be using Bitcoin as a source of wealth in the long run.

Blockchain: Was ist das?

Blockchain wird als die größte Erfindung seit dem Internet bezeichnet. Immer mehr Unternehmen erkunden die Möglichkeiten dieser Technologie, um Daten und Transaktionen sicher und effizient zu speichern. Was ist Blockchain und was können wir von ihr erwarten?

Neue Art von Datenbank

Blockchain ist eine neue Art von Datenbank, in der Transaktionen gespeichert werden können. Dabei kann es sich um alle Arten von Transaktionen handeln. In einem Fall kann es sich um Zahlungen mit einer digitalen Währung handeln, in einem anderen um wichtige Daten, die zwei Parteien austauschen, wie Verträge, Diplome oder Eigentumsurkunden.

Sie haben eines gemeinsam. Sie werden zu Informationsblöcken, die von beiden Parteien digital „unterzeichnet“ werden. Sie werden ohne Einschaltung eines Dritten direkt in der Datenbank gespeichert.

Unzerbrechliche Kette

Alle Informationen werden mithilfe von Kryptographie verschlüsselt in der Blockchain gespeichert. Digitale Zahlungsinstrumente, die die Blockchain-Technologie nutzen – wie z. B. Bitcoin – werden daher als „Kryptowährungen“ bezeichnet. Alle Transaktionen werden in Blöcken in einem großen Computernetz gespeichert. Ein neuer Block enthält immer Informationen über den vorherigen Block, der wiederum Informationen über den vorherigen Block enthält. So entsteht eine lange, unveränderliche und ununterbrechbare Informationskette.

Kein Mittelpunkt

Die meisten herkömmlichen Datenbanken sind zentral organisiert. Das bedeutet, dass alle Daten an einem Ort gespeichert werden. Nur dort können die Daten geändert und mit den Nutzern geteilt werden. Blockchain ist anders: Es gibt keinen zentralen Punkt, sondern mehrere Knoten (Computer), die alle eine exakte Kopie der Datenbank enthalten. Diese Knoten werden auch als „Nodes“ bezeichnet. Der Unterschied sieht folgendermaßen aus:


Bei der Blockchain gibt es keinen einzigen Eigentümer oder Betreuer, wie es bei normalen Datenbanken der Fall ist. Die Aufsicht liegt bei den Nutzern selbst. Neue Transaktionen werden von den „Knotenpunkten“ in der Datenbank gespeichert. Dazu müssen sie zunächst einen Code finden, der anzeigt, dass alle Informationen korrekt sind. Die Knoten müssen „zustimmen“, dass der Code korrekt ist. Erst dann wird die Information in der Kette gespeichert.

Niemand kann also selbständig Informationen in der Datenbank speichern oder ändern. Dies macht es für böswillige Parteien unmöglich, falsche Transaktionen durchzuführen oder Daten zu manipulieren.

Ist es sicher?

Alle Änderungen in der Datenbank werden automatisch auf alle Computer kopiert. Das bedeutet, dass das System nicht von einer einzigen zentralen Datenbank abhängig ist und dass es keine unmittelbaren Probleme gibt, wenn bei einem der Knoten etwas passiert. Wenn einer der Computer im Netz gehackt wird oder der Strom ausfällt, gibt es immer noch die anderen „Knoten“, jeder mit seiner eigenen Kopie der Datenbank. Das macht es sicherer als Systeme mit einer zentralen Datenbank.


Blockchain ist eine „offene“ Technologie, die für viele verschiedene Anwendungen genutzt werden kann. Das bedeutet, dass jeder, der die Technologie beherrscht, seine eigene Blockchain-Datenbank für seine eigene Anwendung aufbauen kann. Dabei definieren Sie ein so genanntes Protokoll. Eine Sammlung von Regeln, denen die Datenbank (und ihre Verwendung) entsprechen muss. Auf diese Weise werden verschiedene Blockchains erstellt.

Einer der Vorteile der Blockchain ist, dass sie umständliche Papierverträge und -dokumente durch sichere und intelligente elektronische Dokumente ersetzen kann. Dadurch können viele Prozesse effizienter gestaltet werden.

Zu welchem ​​Bitcoin-Preis wird Satoshi Nakamoto der reichste Mensch der Welt?

Ein Bitcoin-Preis von 182.000 USD würde Satoshi Nakamoto wahrscheinlich zur reichsten Person der Welt machen.

Es wird geschätzt, dass Satoshi Nakamoto, der Schöpfer von BTC, der reichste Mensch der Welt wird, wenn der Preis für Bitcoin Revival ungefähr 182.000 US-Dollar erreicht.

Seit März 2021 ist Amazon-Gründer Jeff Bezos mit einem Nettowert von 181,6 Milliarden US-Dollar der reichste Mensch der Welt.

Elon Musk, der CEO von Tesla , liegt mit 163,7 Milliarden US-Dollar knapp an zweiter Stelle und besitzt mehr als 20% des Elektroautoherstellers.

Wie viel BTC hat Satoshi Nakamoto?

Satoshi Nakamoto, der Erfinder von Bitcoin, veröffentlichte das Bitcoin-Whitepaper im Oktober 2008 unter einer öffentlichen MIT-Lizenz.

Am 3. Januar 2009 wurde der erste Block von Bitcoin, der als „Genesis-Block“ bekannt ist, abgebaut. Dies war der Start des Bitcoin-Netzwerks, das die Kryptowährung und die Blockchain-Bewegung in Gang setzte.

Obwohl die genauen Zahlen noch unklar sind, hat Satoshi Nakamoto von Januar bis Juli 2009 schätzungsweise über 1 Million BTC abgebaut. Dies bedeutet, dass Satoshi Nakamoto bei den aktuellen Bitcoin-Preisen einen geschätzten Wert von rund 54 Milliarden US-Dollar hat.

Mit anderen Worten, wenn der Preis von Bitcoin 182.000 US-Dollar erreicht, würde dies Nakamotos Nettovermögen auf rund 182 Milliarden US-Dollar bringen, was höher ist als das derzeitige Nettovermögen von Bezos.

Im Jahr 2010 veröffentlichte Sergio Demian Lerner, ein bekannter Kryptowährungsforscher, ein Forschungspapier, in dem die BTC-Bestände von Satoshi Nakamoto geschätzt wurden.

Durch die Analyse der frühen Blöcke, die Satoshi abgebaut hat, schätzte Lerner, dass 1 Million BTC wahrscheinlich im Besitz von Satoshi sind. Er schrieb :

„Ich schätze auf den ersten Blick, dass das Vermögen von Satoshi bei 1 Million Bitcoins oder 100 Millionen USD zum aktuellen Wechselkurs liegt. Ich bin sicher, dass es viele Leute geben wird, die den Quelldatensatz sorgfältig analysieren und die genaue Zahl ermitteln sehr nah, aber trotzdem werden sie mich wieder anschreien. “

Kann der Preis von BTC 182.000 USD erreichen?

Während es viele Preismodelle gibt, die vorhersagen, dass der Preis von Bitcoin zwischen 200.000 und 1 Million US-Dollar liegen wird, ist das bekannteste Modell das Stock-to-Flow-Modell (S2F).

Das S2F-Modell prognostiziert, dass der Preis von Bitcoin bis Ende 2021 100.000 US-Dollar auf „konservative“ 288.000 US-Dollar erreichen wird. Dabei wird eine Formel verwendet, die auf der Beziehung zwischen dem Wert von Bitcoin und dem vorhandenen Angebot (Lagerbestand) und der Menge der neu abgebauten BTC basiert der Markt (Flow).

Im November 2020 sagte PlanB, der Erfinder des S2F-Modells :

„Die Leute fragen, ob ich noch an mein Modell glaube. Um es klar zu sagen: Ich habe keinen Zweifel daran, dass Bitcoin S2FX korrekt ist und Bitcoin vor Dezember 2021 zwischen 100.000 und 288.000 US-Dollar tippen wird.“

LedgerPrime køber $ 50 millioner til Bitcoin Fund

  • LedgerPrime bruger $ 50 millioner på at erhverve Bitcoin
  • Kvantitativt aspekt af DeFi er bakket op af videnskab
  • LedgePrime køber T3i BitVol Index for $ 0

LedgerPrime er nu det seneste investeringsselskab, der sælger værdipapirer til køb af Bitcoin. Virksomheden solgte ca. 50 millioner dollars i værdipapirer for at tilbyde transaktionen.

Ledet af en fantastisk opstilling af Ph.D. Ledere, LedgerPrime oplyser, at de har ført „kvantitative digitale aktiver“ -investeringer.

Virksomheden gik ind på kryptohandelsmarkedet i slutningen af ​​2017 med en unik investering i digitale aktiver. Deres principper er dybt rodfæstet inden for teknologi, men kommer alligevel fra en vinkel, der stort set er datacentreret. De skete også tilfældigt med at skaffe kølige 20 millioner dollars i 2019 og styrke deres position blandt DEX-rækkerne.

LedgerPrime Bliver foran spillet

LedgerPrimes modus operandi ligger i at blive en „global leder inden for generering af vedvarende og overlegen risikojusteret afkast i et af de hurtigst voksende aktiver i verden.“ Det ejes af Ledger Holdings Inc., som også har LedgerX under paraplyen.

Interessant nok købte LedgerPrime først i går T3i BitVol Index uden omkostninger. Indeksets nylige hype i kryptoindustrien har eksperter, der kalder det en bitcoin „frygtmåler.“ Det følger, hvordan bitcoin klarer sig på markedet og justerer følgelig op og ned.

Mainstream Crypto Adoption Closer

Ayesha Kiani, VP for forretningsudvikling, LedgerPrime, talte for nylig på SXSW 2021. Diskussionsemnet var udviklingen på markedet for kryptoderivater. Faktisk berørte hun adskillige aspekter af mainstream crypto-adoption. Hun understregede også vigtigheden af, at DeFi-virksomheder arbejder sammen for at muliggøre vedtagelsen hurtigere og mere effektivt:

”Vi stræber alle efter den samme ting. I øjeblikket er DeFi (decentraliseret finansiering) ca. 1% af, hvad CeFi (centraliseret finansiering) er. I 2022 forventes DeFi at have omkring 10 millioner brugere. ” Vi er her for at hjælpe … i slutningen af ​​dagen har vi alle det samme mål for, at kryptovaluta skal blive bredt vedtaget. ”

Mand med en plan

Schiliang Tang, Chief Investment Officer for LedgerPrime, talte til Crypto og Muay Thai Podcast sidste år. Mens han diskuterede kvantitativ handel og derivater, understregede han følgende om LedgerPrime:

”Vi har gjort en kæmpe indsats for at sikre, at vores investorer forstår de markeder, vi ønsker at komme ind på; de afkast, som de forventer af os. At vi tildeler kapital baseret på forskellige platforme … Så meget af crypto styrer din kapital og balance, noget som du tænker lidt mindre på på traditionelle markeder. ”

Tingene bevæger sig lynhurtigt for dette firma, og samfundet holder øje med.

Litecoin Briefly Outperforms XRP Market Cap To Become 4th Cryptocurrency On The Market

Litecoin was briefly the fourth largest cryptocurrency by market cap, surpassing XRP.

XRP has faced major problems since the SEC filed charges against Ripple.

The price of XRP has fallen more than 50% since the charges were filed.

Litecoin, a cryptocurrency commonly referred to as digital „money“ while Bitcoin is said to be „gold,“ has taken over as the fourth largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization.

According to CoinGecko , XRP has since regained its place, but it’s impossible to say how this battle with Litecoin is going .

Why has the price of XRP gone down?

For years, XRP had established itself as the third most dominant cryptocurrency in the blockchain space, but a lot has changed since then.

Last December, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit against Ripple Labs and two of its executives for the sale of more than $ 1 billion in unregistered securities.

The SEC alleges that XRP is a security, not a currency, and therefore Ripple Labs has not complied sufficiently with the current regulations. The Ripple team argues that XRP is a digital asset and a currency like Bitcoin or Ethereum, and therefore should not be under the jurisdiction of the SEC. The SEC has already clarified its views on Bitcoin and Ethereum , but never gave an outlook on XRP until the charges were filed.

Since the charges were filed, Ripple has received a terrible blow. Ripple Network’s native cryptocurrency, XRP , has gone from a three-month high of $ 0.71 per unit to a current price of $ 0.22.

This is at a time when other cryptocurrencies made massive gains. Many have more than doubled their market capitalization over the same period.

Recently, investors in XRP filed a petition with the SEC stating that the charges against Ripple are not in the best interest of investors and have caused property damage to the company and the cryptocurrency.

If this petition is accepted by the SEC, it is possible that it will reject the charges, although this does not appear likely.

What is litecoin?

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency created by Charlie Lee in order to make faster cryptocurrency payments. Similar to Bitcoin in terms of function but having a different blockchain protocol, Litecoin claims faster transaction times than Bitcoin as well as lower fees due to its mining algorithm .

Knowing that there are many characteristics shared between the two cryptocurrencies, many consider Litecoin to be a secondary asset of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin and mining in countries with high electricity costs

Access to Bitcoin mining in many countries is almost impossible due to the high electricity rates that must be paid.

Bitcoin by its nature is affordable to anyone with Internet access, but mining is a more problematic issue. To extract crypto coins, a number of requirements need to be met that are denied to citizens in many countries of the world.

Leaving aside some government obstacles, such as taxes, or laws that make the activity illegal, there is the issue of energy. In fact, there are many countries where virtual mining is not expressly prohibited. However, the costs of the service are so high that it seems that this is the case.

Thus, citizens who want to access Bitcoin Storm, not by means of exchanges, but by producing them, lack that right. What can be done in countries like Costa Rica or Guatemala, where the electricity bill is the highest in Latin America to access crypto-mining?

Is Bitcoin mining possible in countries with high energy costs?

As said, accessing Bitcoin is possible anywhere in the world without major problems, but mining requires a little more attention. In many places, particularly in Latin America, there are nations where it’s extremely difficult to become a miner.

Countries like Argentina, for its part, think that the industrial electricity bill doesn’t reach the scandalous levels of Guatemala; mining is also uphill. In this sense, it’s not the same to buy Bitcoin at Binance or LocalBitcoin, as it is to generate them in your own machines.

When you connect an ASIC to generate Bitcoin or other crypto-currencies, the meter begins to count. If you add to this the high cost of the mining machines, you can be sure that the amount of money generated by the activity is not enough to cover the electrical costs, let alone a quick return on investment.

At this point, it is worth asking if there is any way out for those who aspire to become miners. The answer is that yes, there are two ways out. One is in companies that mine remotely and the other is in more efficient equipment.

Bitcoin mining: efficiency is the key to the market

Distance mining companies

There are a lot of Bitcoin mining companies, which lend their hash power for a certain time to their customers. In other words, in exchange for the purchase of a plan or package, you’ll mine with certain hash power, which will be rented to you by the company. Whatever these machines generate at the time of the contract, will go into your e-wallet.

To observe it from another angle, let’s take the example of an entrepreneur who sets up his farm in countries with low electricity costs (for example, Venezuela). This person, through a package of plans, offers part of the hash of these machines to clients in countries with expensive electricity, (for example, Uruguay).

In this way, the former exploits for his benefit the free electricity in his country. Meanwhile, the second has the opportunity to be part of Bitcoin’s mining business without worrying about electricity bills.

It sounds great, but the problem is that there are many such companies that are fraudulent. There are dozens of cases of customer scams by these fake farmers.
The countries with the most expensive electric bills are the ones that are most detrimental to Bitcoin mining, and the countries with the most expensive electric bills are the ones that are most detrimental to Bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin mining is a source of revenue during the pandemic

Keep your eyes open

The recommendation is not to move away from remote mining companies, as these are often the only hope of getting into business. However, what is advisable is to be on the lookout for bogus companies that seek to defraud.

To do so, a previous investigation of the selected company should be carried out. Before investing, you must be sure that the company has a valid business registration and all the relevant legislation. Likewise, the most advisable thing to do is to go to the most famous companies because they are the ones with the highest confidence index.

Bitcoin mining is a business that gives for big profits. The duty of people who aspire to enter it in countries where energy is very expensive. It’s to do your own research and not to invest your money lightly.

Is it possible to have good results?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bitcoin mining has been one of the fastest growing businesses in the world. The results have been positive for thousands of people. But do people who access companies that rent out their computing power have a chance to make good money?

Gateway to Earning Bitcoin: Guía para principiantes en el comercio de futuros de BTC

La criptodivisa es quizás el activo más adecuado para el comercio diario.

No sólo porque los mercados están abiertos 24 horas al día, 7 días a la semana, sino también por la relativamente alta volatilidad del mercado. Tomemos el ejemplo de Bitcoin, que ha ganado un 10% en los últimos 3 días, pero una vez perdió el 50% en una semana en marzo de 2020. Mientras que la alta volatilidad podría resultar en una liquidación masiva, por otro lado, presenta a los comerciantes más oportunidades jugosas de obtener beneficios.

Con Bitcoin tocando los 19K, el mercado espera ansiosamente que Bitcoin alcance su máximo histórico. Si quieres entrar en el mercado, aquí tienes los pasos para hacer la transición de principiante a veterano.

Entender el comercio de futuros

El comercio de futuros está especialmente diseñado para que los comerciantes cubran las pérdidas y se beneficien de la volatilidad del mercado en lugar de quedarse estancados simplemente escondiendo sus monedas. Los comerciantes pueden pedir prestado el apalancamiento de los intercambios para mejorar en gran medida su poder de compra. El comercio de futuros con apalancamiento es extremadamente rentable durante la venta del mercado, en la que se vierten grandes cantidades de monedas en el mercado.

Por ejemplo, si utiliza 1 BTC y 100x de apalancamiento para vender bitcoin a 12.000 dólares, cuando el bitcoin caiga a 11.000 dólares, ganará (12.000 – 11.000 dólares) * 100 BTC/ 11.000 dólares = 9,09 BTC.

Sin embargo, asegúrese de utilizar los „stop losses“ para proteger sus posiciones de una gran volatilidad. Take profit es también una herramienta útil cuando no puede monitorear sus posiciones tan a menudo como desea.

Bexplus es una plataforma líder de comercio encriptado que opera en más de 30 países y que permite aprovechar tanto los altibajos de los mercados. Bexplus es famosa por su interfaz y su servicio de asistencia para principiantes.

Bexplus no requiere KYC, por lo que sólo tiene que abrir una cuenta con una dirección de correo electrónico, en sólo 1 minuto. Una vez completado el registro, se abrirá automáticamente una cuenta de operaciones y una cuenta demo con 10 BTC.

Comercio sin riesgo: Una cuenta demo

Los comerciantes exitosos son aquellos que aprenden a analizar el mercado y siempre pueden mantener la cabeza despejada. Al comerciar, los comerciantes a menudo se encuentran controlados por las emociones, ya sea porque la perspectiva de perder dinero da demasiado miedo, o porque las posibilidades de ganar más apilando más inversiones son demasiado tentadoras. La mejor manera de mejorar sus habilidades y su mentalidad es practicando en la cuenta de demostración gratuita.

A cada usuario se le dan 10 BTC al principio y son recargables, así que puedes probar diferentes estrategias tanto como quieras.

Hacer un depósito y reclamar bonos

No es necesario pagar un depósito. Puede comenzar su depósito a 0.001 BTC. Bexplus admite depósitos en Bitcoin, ETH y otros 11 depósitos en criptodólares, así como depósitos en USD, EUR y GBP. Con una tarjeta Visa, puede comenzar su viaje de acumulación de bitcoin.

Para mejorar la rentabilidad de los comerciantes, Bexplus ofrece un bono de depósito del 100% a cada comerciante. Deposite 1 BTC y obtendrá 2 BTC, y hasta 10 BTC están disponibles para cada depósito. El bono no se puede retirar pero se puede utilizar como margen.

Cuando no está operando, puede transferir su BTC a la cartera de intereses y disfrutar de hasta un 30% de interés anualizado.

Los intereses se calculan diariamente y los ingresos del depósito se liquidarán mensualmente. El interés mensual se calcula como (S*I/365*30)=MI. S representa la suma del depósito, I representa el interés, y MI es el interés mensual.

Si depositas 10 BTC en tu cartera, el interés mensual que recibirás es de (10*30%/365*30)=0,24 BTC. Mientras que la mayoría de las plataformas de préstamo requieren que los comerciantes depositen al menos 1 BTC, los comerciantes pueden hacer un depósito a partir de 0,05 BTC en Bexplus.

La plataforma Bexplus tiene todo lo que necesitas para convertirte en un exitoso trader, desde materiales educativos hasta tu propio administrador de cuenta. Si quieres montar el encierro, no dudes en unirte a Bexplus ahora.

OKEx presents one of the largest rewards programs in the crypto universe

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OKEx is one of the leaders in cryptocurrency exchange platforms. The company just announced a rewards program estimated at $ 1 million.

This promotional item is brought to you in collaboration with OKEx

In order to thank its customers for their loyalty, the Malta-based exchange platform is launching a variety of campaigns, including “Happy Friday” . This event will offer a weekly distribution of 20% of the platform’s profits, coming from transactions linked to “Futures” and transaction fees generated by “Perpetual Swaps” . These rewards will be paid in BTC, from December 4, 2020.

This promotion is aimed at users who have made deposits, or traders active between October 26, 2020 and November 26, 2020 .

The accumulated sums will be placed in a specific fund and distributed to users at once. The redistribution will be calculated based on the assets held and the trading conditions.

For OKB token holders , the value of their tokens (in USDT) will be doubled in the redistribution calculation.

“Happy Friday” weekly rewards

On Friday, December 4, and every subsequent Friday for 7 weeks, OKEx will redistribute to its most loyal customers 20% of its income generated through “Futures” and “Perpetual Swap” transaction fees . This amount will be paid back in BTC.

The offer will reward both new and most loyal customers. The compensation will be calculated based on trading volumes and assets held. For users with OKB tokens, they will get doubled rewards (in USDT).

Discount on trading fees

For users whose value of assets held exceeds the sum of 10,000 USDT by November 23, 16:00 UTC. OKEx will send them a promotional card with an amount between 100 and 1000 USDT , depending on the value of the assets held.

It is important to note that this promotion is a generous supplement, and will not affect the payment of rewards related to “Happy Friday” .

Bonus for new users

New OKEx registrants, subject to a purchase of $ 100 of crypto assets, will be able to benefit from an extra $ 80 in the form of a bonus . They will also be able to benefit from the support of an active community, within the platform’s Telegram group , but also via the OKEx Academy .

OKEx is one of the world leaders in spot and derivatives trading platforms . The company offers a diverse marketplace where traders, miners, and institutional investors around the world can manage their cryptoassets. The platform offers spot trading and derivatives, including futures , perpetual swaps and options . These features are available for major assets, giving investors full flexibility in setting up balanced strategies .

Celsius Network contributed the last 25,000 ETN to launch the Ethereum 2.0 platform.

The Celsius Network Cryptocurrency Loan Service has paid the last 25,000 ETH into an Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract. This is stated in the company’s memorandum of understanding.

The funds came from Bitcoin Era Celsius community assets. They will be used to generate higher returns for the community. Cryptoplatform users will be able to earn up to 7.21% per annum on ETH and 3-15% per annum on more than 40 cryptov currencies.

„We are proud to have unlocked the launch of the Ethereum 2.0 genesis block. The deposit of 25,000 ETH from the Celsius community is our contribution to the project, which helped us to scale up our own ecosystem,“ said Alex Mashinsky, CEO of the company.

At the time of publication, the contract balance was 724,224 ETH and 22,625 validators.

As of November 24, more than 524,288 ETH have been entered into a deposit contract. The launch of Stage Zero Ethereum 2.0 is scheduled for 1 December.

Binance’s DeFi index falls by 60% while Bitcoin eclipses the altcoins

The resurgence of Bitcoin (BTC) continues to undermine the capital of the altcoin markets as other crypto currencies struggle to catch up with BTC.

DeFi struggles while Bitcoin shines

The DeFi Composite Index, initially launched by Binance Futures in late August, is experiencing its second month of stress, trading down from its historical peaks of around USD 1,200 to less than USD 400, a decline of approximately 60%.

In fact, most DeFi tokens have erased 70% to 90% of their earnings since the beginning of September, as Binance’s November 5 report notes. In early October, Cointelegraph reported the already sharp decline in the index to USD 507. Its historical peak had been USD 1.189 on the first trading day at the end of August.

As described in the report, only eight DeFi, AAVE and UNI tokens showed a neutral correlation with Bitcoin during the 45 days to 1 November. Eight other DeFi tokens had a completely negative relationship. Additionally:

„7 out of 13 DeFi tokens had negative correlations with Ethereum (ETH), even though Ethereum drives much of the DeFi ecosystem. The negative correlation of DeFi with BTC and ETH is not a surprise, as the DeFi bubble came to a crashing end in September“.

This week, the decentralised exchange, or DEX, UniSwap has seen a volume of USD 1.8 billion, representing the bulk of DEX trading, with a monthly volume for all DEX combined of approximately USD 2.8 billion.

BTC’s market capitalisation, trade volume dominance also increases

Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s market capitalisation dominance has increased sharply in recent weeks with the price now rising by almost 10% since early September.

Binance notes that there is also a significant increase in Bitcoin Fortune trading volume dominance, arguing that it has been „suppressed in previous months“ due to media concerns about the „alternative season“.

However, by October, market sentiment had „completely reversed“ in favour of Bitcoin and operators switched to BTC as the altcoins sector declined.

However, Binance takes the line that the underlying fundamentals of the DeFi market are sound. Even despite these gloomy setbacks across the board, the total blocked value in the DeFi sector has remained above USD 11 billion over the past 30 days.