Litecoin Briefly Outperforms XRP Market Cap To Become 4th Cryptocurrency On The Market

Litecoin was briefly the fourth largest cryptocurrency by market cap, surpassing XRP.

XRP has faced major problems since the SEC filed charges against Ripple.

The price of XRP has fallen more than 50% since the charges were filed.

Litecoin, a cryptocurrency commonly referred to as digital „money“ while Bitcoin is said to be „gold,“ has taken over as the fourth largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization.

According to CoinGecko , XRP has since regained its place, but it’s impossible to say how this battle with Litecoin is going .

Why has the price of XRP gone down?

For years, XRP had established itself as the third most dominant cryptocurrency in the blockchain space, but a lot has changed since then.

Last December, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filed a lawsuit against Ripple Labs and two of its executives for the sale of more than $ 1 billion in unregistered securities.

The SEC alleges that XRP is a security, not a currency, and therefore Ripple Labs has not complied sufficiently with the current regulations. The Ripple team argues that XRP is a digital asset and a currency like Bitcoin or Ethereum, and therefore should not be under the jurisdiction of the SEC. The SEC has already clarified its views on Bitcoin and Ethereum , but never gave an outlook on XRP until the charges were filed.

Since the charges were filed, Ripple has received a terrible blow. Ripple Network’s native cryptocurrency, XRP , has gone from a three-month high of $ 0.71 per unit to a current price of $ 0.22.

This is at a time when other cryptocurrencies made massive gains. Many have more than doubled their market capitalization over the same period.

Recently, investors in XRP filed a petition with the SEC stating that the charges against Ripple are not in the best interest of investors and have caused property damage to the company and the cryptocurrency.

If this petition is accepted by the SEC, it is possible that it will reject the charges, although this does not appear likely.

What is litecoin?

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency created by Charlie Lee in order to make faster cryptocurrency payments. Similar to Bitcoin in terms of function but having a different blockchain protocol, Litecoin claims faster transaction times than Bitcoin as well as lower fees due to its mining algorithm .

Knowing that there are many characteristics shared between the two cryptocurrencies, many consider Litecoin to be a secondary asset of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin and mining in countries with high electricity costs

Access to Bitcoin mining in many countries is almost impossible due to the high electricity rates that must be paid.

Bitcoin by its nature is affordable to anyone with Internet access, but mining is a more problematic issue. To extract crypto coins, a number of requirements need to be met that are denied to citizens in many countries of the world.

Leaving aside some government obstacles, such as taxes, or laws that make the activity illegal, there is the issue of energy. In fact, there are many countries where virtual mining is not expressly prohibited. However, the costs of the service are so high that it seems that this is the case.

Thus, citizens who want to access Bitcoin Storm, not by means of exchanges, but by producing them, lack that right. What can be done in countries like Costa Rica or Guatemala, where the electricity bill is the highest in Latin America to access crypto-mining?

Is Bitcoin mining possible in countries with high energy costs?

As said, accessing Bitcoin is possible anywhere in the world without major problems, but mining requires a little more attention. In many places, particularly in Latin America, there are nations where it’s extremely difficult to become a miner.

Countries like Argentina, for its part, think that the industrial electricity bill doesn’t reach the scandalous levels of Guatemala; mining is also uphill. In this sense, it’s not the same to buy Bitcoin at Binance or LocalBitcoin, as it is to generate them in your own machines.

When you connect an ASIC to generate Bitcoin or other crypto-currencies, the meter begins to count. If you add to this the high cost of the mining machines, you can be sure that the amount of money generated by the activity is not enough to cover the electrical costs, let alone a quick return on investment.

At this point, it is worth asking if there is any way out for those who aspire to become miners. The answer is that yes, there are two ways out. One is in companies that mine remotely and the other is in more efficient equipment.

Bitcoin mining: efficiency is the key to the market

Distance mining companies

There are a lot of Bitcoin mining companies, which lend their hash power for a certain time to their customers. In other words, in exchange for the purchase of a plan or package, you’ll mine with certain hash power, which will be rented to you by the company. Whatever these machines generate at the time of the contract, will go into your e-wallet.

To observe it from another angle, let’s take the example of an entrepreneur who sets up his farm in countries with low electricity costs (for example, Venezuela). This person, through a package of plans, offers part of the hash of these machines to clients in countries with expensive electricity, (for example, Uruguay).

In this way, the former exploits for his benefit the free electricity in his country. Meanwhile, the second has the opportunity to be part of Bitcoin’s mining business without worrying about electricity bills.

It sounds great, but the problem is that there are many such companies that are fraudulent. There are dozens of cases of customer scams by these fake farmers.
The countries with the most expensive electric bills are the ones that are most detrimental to Bitcoin mining, and the countries with the most expensive electric bills are the ones that are most detrimental to Bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin mining is a source of revenue during the pandemic

Keep your eyes open

The recommendation is not to move away from remote mining companies, as these are often the only hope of getting into business. However, what is advisable is to be on the lookout for bogus companies that seek to defraud.

To do so, a previous investigation of the selected company should be carried out. Before investing, you must be sure that the company has a valid business registration and all the relevant legislation. Likewise, the most advisable thing to do is to go to the most famous companies because they are the ones with the highest confidence index.

Bitcoin mining is a business that gives for big profits. The duty of people who aspire to enter it in countries where energy is very expensive. It’s to do your own research and not to invest your money lightly.

Is it possible to have good results?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bitcoin mining has been one of the fastest growing businesses in the world. The results have been positive for thousands of people. But do people who access companies that rent out their computing power have a chance to make good money?

Gateway to Earning Bitcoin: Guía para principiantes en el comercio de futuros de BTC

La criptodivisa es quizás el activo más adecuado para el comercio diario.

No sólo porque los mercados están abiertos 24 horas al día, 7 días a la semana, sino también por la relativamente alta volatilidad del mercado. Tomemos el ejemplo de Bitcoin, que ha ganado un 10% en los últimos 3 días, pero una vez perdió el 50% en una semana en marzo de 2020. Mientras que la alta volatilidad podría resultar en una liquidación masiva, por otro lado, presenta a los comerciantes más oportunidades jugosas de obtener beneficios.

Con Bitcoin tocando los 19K, el mercado espera ansiosamente que Bitcoin alcance su máximo histórico. Si quieres entrar en el mercado, aquí tienes los pasos para hacer la transición de principiante a veterano.

Entender el comercio de futuros

El comercio de futuros está especialmente diseñado para que los comerciantes cubran las pérdidas y se beneficien de la volatilidad del mercado en lugar de quedarse estancados simplemente escondiendo sus monedas. Los comerciantes pueden pedir prestado el apalancamiento de los intercambios para mejorar en gran medida su poder de compra. El comercio de futuros con apalancamiento es extremadamente rentable durante la venta del mercado, en la que se vierten grandes cantidades de monedas en el mercado.

Por ejemplo, si utiliza 1 BTC y 100x de apalancamiento para vender bitcoin a 12.000 dólares, cuando el bitcoin caiga a 11.000 dólares, ganará (12.000 – 11.000 dólares) * 100 BTC/ 11.000 dólares = 9,09 BTC.

Sin embargo, asegúrese de utilizar los „stop losses“ para proteger sus posiciones de una gran volatilidad. Take profit es también una herramienta útil cuando no puede monitorear sus posiciones tan a menudo como desea.

Bexplus es una plataforma líder de comercio encriptado que opera en más de 30 países y que permite aprovechar tanto los altibajos de los mercados. Bexplus es famosa por su interfaz y su servicio de asistencia para principiantes.

Bexplus no requiere KYC, por lo que sólo tiene que abrir una cuenta con una dirección de correo electrónico, en sólo 1 minuto. Una vez completado el registro, se abrirá automáticamente una cuenta de operaciones y una cuenta demo con 10 BTC.

Comercio sin riesgo: Una cuenta demo

Los comerciantes exitosos son aquellos que aprenden a analizar el mercado y siempre pueden mantener la cabeza despejada. Al comerciar, los comerciantes a menudo se encuentran controlados por las emociones, ya sea porque la perspectiva de perder dinero da demasiado miedo, o porque las posibilidades de ganar más apilando más inversiones son demasiado tentadoras. La mejor manera de mejorar sus habilidades y su mentalidad es practicando en la cuenta de demostración gratuita.

A cada usuario se le dan 10 BTC al principio y son recargables, así que puedes probar diferentes estrategias tanto como quieras.

Hacer un depósito y reclamar bonos

No es necesario pagar un depósito. Puede comenzar su depósito a 0.001 BTC. Bexplus admite depósitos en Bitcoin, ETH y otros 11 depósitos en criptodólares, así como depósitos en USD, EUR y GBP. Con una tarjeta Visa, puede comenzar su viaje de acumulación de bitcoin.

Para mejorar la rentabilidad de los comerciantes, Bexplus ofrece un bono de depósito del 100% a cada comerciante. Deposite 1 BTC y obtendrá 2 BTC, y hasta 10 BTC están disponibles para cada depósito. El bono no se puede retirar pero se puede utilizar como margen.

Cuando no está operando, puede transferir su BTC a la cartera de intereses y disfrutar de hasta un 30% de interés anualizado.

Los intereses se calculan diariamente y los ingresos del depósito se liquidarán mensualmente. El interés mensual se calcula como (S*I/365*30)=MI. S representa la suma del depósito, I representa el interés, y MI es el interés mensual.

Si depositas 10 BTC en tu cartera, el interés mensual que recibirás es de (10*30%/365*30)=0,24 BTC. Mientras que la mayoría de las plataformas de préstamo requieren que los comerciantes depositen al menos 1 BTC, los comerciantes pueden hacer un depósito a partir de 0,05 BTC en Bexplus.

La plataforma Bexplus tiene todo lo que necesitas para convertirte en un exitoso trader, desde materiales educativos hasta tu propio administrador de cuenta. Si quieres montar el encierro, no dudes en unirte a Bexplus ahora.

OKEx presents one of the largest rewards programs in the crypto universe

Yes, I agree to receive emails according to your privacy policy .

OKEx is one of the leaders in cryptocurrency exchange platforms. The company just announced a rewards program estimated at $ 1 million.

This promotional item is brought to you in collaboration with OKEx

In order to thank its customers for their loyalty, the Malta-based exchange platform is launching a variety of campaigns, including “Happy Friday” . This event will offer a weekly distribution of 20% of the platform’s profits, coming from transactions linked to “Futures” and transaction fees generated by “Perpetual Swaps” . These rewards will be paid in BTC, from December 4, 2020.

This promotion is aimed at users who have made deposits, or traders active between October 26, 2020 and November 26, 2020 .

The accumulated sums will be placed in a specific fund and distributed to users at once. The redistribution will be calculated based on the assets held and the trading conditions.

For OKB token holders , the value of their tokens (in USDT) will be doubled in the redistribution calculation.

“Happy Friday” weekly rewards

On Friday, December 4, and every subsequent Friday for 7 weeks, OKEx will redistribute to its most loyal customers 20% of its income generated through “Futures” and “Perpetual Swap” transaction fees . This amount will be paid back in BTC.

The offer will reward both new and most loyal customers. The compensation will be calculated based on trading volumes and assets held. For users with OKB tokens, they will get doubled rewards (in USDT).

Discount on trading fees

For users whose value of assets held exceeds the sum of 10,000 USDT by November 23, 16:00 UTC. OKEx will send them a promotional card with an amount between 100 and 1000 USDT , depending on the value of the assets held.

It is important to note that this promotion is a generous supplement, and will not affect the payment of rewards related to “Happy Friday” .

Bonus for new users

New OKEx registrants, subject to a purchase of $ 100 of crypto assets, will be able to benefit from an extra $ 80 in the form of a bonus . They will also be able to benefit from the support of an active community, within the platform’s Telegram group , but also via the OKEx Academy .

OKEx is one of the world leaders in spot and derivatives trading platforms . The company offers a diverse marketplace where traders, miners, and institutional investors around the world can manage their cryptoassets. The platform offers spot trading and derivatives, including futures , perpetual swaps and options . These features are available for major assets, giving investors full flexibility in setting up balanced strategies .

Celsius Network contributed the last 25,000 ETN to launch the Ethereum 2.0 platform.

The Celsius Network Cryptocurrency Loan Service has paid the last 25,000 ETH into an Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract. This is stated in the company’s memorandum of understanding.

The funds came from Bitcoin Era Celsius community assets. They will be used to generate higher returns for the community. Cryptoplatform users will be able to earn up to 7.21% per annum on ETH and 3-15% per annum on more than 40 cryptov currencies.

„We are proud to have unlocked the launch of the Ethereum 2.0 genesis block. The deposit of 25,000 ETH from the Celsius community is our contribution to the project, which helped us to scale up our own ecosystem,“ said Alex Mashinsky, CEO of the company.

At the time of publication, the contract balance was 724,224 ETH and 22,625 validators.

As of November 24, more than 524,288 ETH have been entered into a deposit contract. The launch of Stage Zero Ethereum 2.0 is scheduled for 1 December.

Binance’s DeFi index falls by 60% while Bitcoin eclipses the altcoins

The resurgence of Bitcoin (BTC) continues to undermine the capital of the altcoin markets as other crypto currencies struggle to catch up with BTC.

DeFi struggles while Bitcoin shines

The DeFi Composite Index, initially launched by Binance Futures in late August, is experiencing its second month of stress, trading down from its historical peaks of around USD 1,200 to less than USD 400, a decline of approximately 60%.

In fact, most DeFi tokens have erased 70% to 90% of their earnings since the beginning of September, as Binance’s November 5 report notes. In early October, Cointelegraph reported the already sharp decline in the index to USD 507. Its historical peak had been USD 1.189 on the first trading day at the end of August.

As described in the report, only eight DeFi, AAVE and UNI tokens showed a neutral correlation with Bitcoin during the 45 days to 1 November. Eight other DeFi tokens had a completely negative relationship. Additionally:

„7 out of 13 DeFi tokens had negative correlations with Ethereum (ETH), even though Ethereum drives much of the DeFi ecosystem. The negative correlation of DeFi with BTC and ETH is not a surprise, as the DeFi bubble came to a crashing end in September“.

This week, the decentralised exchange, or DEX, UniSwap has seen a volume of USD 1.8 billion, representing the bulk of DEX trading, with a monthly volume for all DEX combined of approximately USD 2.8 billion.

BTC’s market capitalisation, trade volume dominance also increases

Meanwhile, Bitcoin’s market capitalisation dominance has increased sharply in recent weeks with the price now rising by almost 10% since early September.

Binance notes that there is also a significant increase in Bitcoin Fortune trading volume dominance, arguing that it has been „suppressed in previous months“ due to media concerns about the „alternative season“.

However, by October, market sentiment had „completely reversed“ in favour of Bitcoin and operators switched to BTC as the altcoins sector declined.

However, Binance takes the line that the underlying fundamentals of the DeFi market are sound. Even despite these gloomy setbacks across the board, the total blocked value in the DeFi sector has remained above USD 11 billion over the past 30 days.

Bitcoin- und Aktienmärkte befürchten ein Unentschieden

Während Joe Biden stark aussieht, um Donald Trump als Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten zu ersetzen, würden alle Märkte, einschließlich Bitcoin Future, einen klaren Gewinner weitaus mehr bevorzugen als einen umstrittenen Stillstand.

Bitcoin und globale Märkte befürchten ein knappes Ergebnis

Es ist eine Woche, in der Händler erwarten, dass sich Bitcoin im Gleichschritt mit den traditionellen Markern bewegt, da beide Kandidaten ein ähnliches Schicksal für die Zukunft von BTC darstellen.

Die acht Swing-Staaten in den USA – Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Arizona, Wisconsin und Iowa – behalten weiterhin die Macht, die Ergebnisse beider Seiten zu beeinflussen.

Unter ihnen ist Florida der wichtigste Staat, der heute um 20 Uhr EST herauskommt. Die anderen wichtigen Swing-Staaten für die Republikanische Partei sind Wisconsin und Michigan, während Demokraten, die in North Carolina und Georgia gewinnen, der Schlüssel für einen Biden-Sieg sein werden.

Ein knappes Abstimmungsergebnis würde das Endergebnis verzögern und eine weitere Runde des Wettbewerbs zwischen Biden und Trump im Senat oder durch Gerichtsverfahren beginnen

Darüber hinaus wählt Amerika seinen Präsidenten eher aufgrund des Ergebnisses eines landesweiten Wahlkollegiums als aufgrund von Volksabstimmungen. Dies war es, was Trumps Sieg über Hilary Clinton im Jahr 2016 sicherte, obwohl er die Mehrheit verlor.

Die erwartete Zeit für ein Endergebnis ist Mittwoch fällig. Ein enger Sieg oder Verzögerungen aufgrund von Rechtsstreitigkeiten könnten ihn jedoch um eine Woche verzögern, was für die Aktienmärkte problematisch sein könnte, da der Händler Unsicherheit nicht mag.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse criticizes Coinbase for „apolitical“ stance

Brad Garlinghouse said tech firms are committed to helping solve societal problems.

Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of blockchain payments company Ripple, has criticized Coinbase’s new stance

The stock exchange does not want its employees to express themselves politically in the workplace.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong first announced in a blog post on September 27th that he and his employees now want to be „apolitical“. In it, he urged Coinbase employees not to engage in political discussions and to focus on the company’s mission to create an open financial system for the world.

Garlinghouse contradicts this stance and told CNBC that technology companies have an obligation to help solve societal problems.

Garlinghouse said tech companies and platforms made some societal problems worse.

Therefore, they should also be ready to work on solutions to these problems

For example, Ripple has sued YouTube for failing to flag up fraudulent promotional videos. In these videos, viewers were tricked into transferring thousands of dollars in the Ripple cryptocurrency XRP.

He added that Ripple did not need to deal with the legal aspects of this matter as that would not help the company. However, he stressed that technology companies need to take responsibility for the problems they themselves contribute.

Since Armstrong announced the controversial change of attitude, many employees, including high-ranking employees, have left Coinbase .

Il browser coraggioso ora consente agli utenti di acquistare BCH direttamente su

Gli utenti del browser Brave ora possono acquistare risorse crittografiche come Bitcoin Cash direttamente dal proprio browser. Lo ha reso noto in una dichiarazione rilasciata dal fondatore di, Roger Ver, che ha annunciato la partnership sul suo handle di Twitter .

Brave browser è un browser Web open source che si concentra sull’aiutare i propri utenti a mantenere privati ​​i propri dati e la cronologia di navigazione

Il browser è comunemente definito „incentrato sulla privacy“ e attualmente ha oltre 5 milioni di utenti attivi giornalieri.

Il browser ha aggiunto un widget di sulla sua interfaccia che consentirebbe a milioni di utenti di accedere direttamente al sito Web e consentire loro anche di effettuare un acquisto diretto di risorse crittografiche senza i soliti problemi che vengono forniti con un browser Web medio.

Questa nuova funzionalità sarebbe disponibile per gli utenti in più paesi. Gli utenti in paesi come il Regno Unito, l’Australia, la Nuova Zelanda, il Canada, la Russia e anche gli utenti nell’Unione Europea possono accedere facilmente alla pagina web.

Molti appassionati di Bitcoin Cash hanno salutato questo nuovo sviluppo come ben pensato e storico

L’annuncio ha anche generato un sacco di recensioni positive sul forum Reddit r / BTC con molti utenti del forum convinti che questa nuova accessibilità aiuterebbe notevolmente Bitcoin Cash e il browser Brave.

Aziende tecnologiche come il browser Brave guidano l’adozione e l’accettazione delle criptovalute
Aziende tecnologiche come Brave browser, PayPal , Square e una miriade di altre stanno iniziando a portare l’adozione e l’accettazione di risorse crittografiche nel mainstream.

PayPal ha recentemente annunciato che consentirà ai suoi utenti di usufruire delle funzionalità di transazione crittografica quando utilizzano il loro sistema di gateway di pagamento. E questa funzione sarà disponibile per i loro utenti internazionali entro il 2021.

Square, d’altra parte, ha anche scelto di salvare l’uno percento del suo patrimonio totale in Bitcoin. Ciò era dovuto alla convinzione che BTC potesse essere utilizzato come riserva di valore e non è soggetto alla svalutazione a cui sono aperte le valute legali.

Le PDG de Kucoin déclare que les suspects de piratage Exchange ont été trouvés, 204 millions de dollars récupérés

Selon le PDG de la bourse de Bitcoin Billionaire, Johnny Lyu, la plate-forme de négociation a récupéré 204 millions de dollars d’actifs cryptographiques depuis le 1er octobre.

Le 25 septembre 2020, la communauté crypto a découvert que l’échange Kucoin avait été piraté pour un grand nombre d’actifs

Selon les estimations , 1008 BTC ont été volés, ainsi que 14713 BSV , 26733 LTC , 9588383 XLM , Omni et EOS based tether ( USDT ) d’une valeur de 14 millions de dollars, 153 millions de dollars d’éther et d’ERC20, et plus de 18 millions de XRP . Après le piratage, Kucoin a révélé qu’il travaillait avec les forces de l’ordre et un certain nombre de projets de blockchain pour remédier à la situation.

Après qu’un grand nombre de projets de jetons ont révélé avoir récupéré plus de 130 millions de dollars de la brèche de Kucoin, les développeurs de projets ont été condamnés pour centralisation . En outre, la société d’analyse de chaînes de blocs Elliptic a publié un rapport selon lequel le pirate informatique a dépensé plus de 17 millions de dollars sur les plates-formes d’échange décentralisées (dex). Elliptic a noté que tous les swaps des hackers sur Tokenlon, Uniswap et le réseau Kyber peuvent toujours être tracés. Le 3 octobre 2020, le PDG de Kucoin Exchange, Johnny Lyu, a informé le public de l’incident de sécurité.

„Une mise à jour rapide depuis ma dernière diffusion en direct le 30 septembre“, a tweeté Lyu . «Après une enquête approfondie, nous avons trouvé les suspects de l’incident de sécurité de Kucoin avec des preuves substantielles à portée de main. Les responsables de l’application des lois et la police sont officiellement impliqués pour prendre des mesures. Grâce au grand soutien de nos partenaires du secteur, 64 millions de dollars supplémentaires d’actifs sont désormais hors de contrôle des adresses suspectes, ce qui porte la valeur totale à 204 millions de dollars depuis le 1er octobre. „

Le PDG de Kucoin a ajouté:

Kucoin revient à toutes ses fonctionnalités. Mon équipe et moi continuerons de faire de notre mieux pour compenser l’impact de l’incident. À partir de maintenant, un total de 31 jetons ont été ouverts [pour] les dépôts [et] les services de retrait, et d’autres jetons, notamment BTC , ETH et USDT , suivront.