5 Popular Telugu Web Series – A New Web Series to Appear on ITCS

A Telugu Television network has commissioned a new web series based on the hit movie called Maheswarnath starring Anjali Yoga Purna. The movie has already been aired in some select cities of Tamil Nadu and is expected to be a huge hit. I believe it is very likely that Maheswarnath would be remade into at least two seasons, maybe more. Let me tell you about my personal experience with the show. 

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I happen to know Anjali and Telugu actors who have given brilliant performances in the movie. So I was very excited about this new Telugu web series. I have known Anjali since she was a child and even as an adult I am fascinated by her films. So I was thrilled when I heard about the Telugu version of Maheswarnath. 

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There were certain things that struck me as odd while watching the Telugu web series. First of all the music that is the major theme of the show is very similar to that of Anjali’s album. So that in itself is a dead giveaway. The theme song for the series is named „Nishchitar“ and is sung by Bhargav Safa Subhas. The music is performed by Bala Subhas along with several other regular characters like Dinnanath Ravi, Pappu and Ashok Kumar.

The directors of the Telugu series cast including S.S. Rajamouli and N.R. Kannan are excellently done in their profession. They bring out a professional look through the entire show, which makes it entertaining to watch. The story revolves around a story of a young boy called Pelli Gola who is sentenced to jail after he tries to rob a bank.

This leads him to enter into a new relationship with another boy named N Biharika. The story revolves around the tensions that are created between Pelli and N Biharika. When Pelli Gola goes on a mission to help N Biharika in jail, he ends up getting himself kidnapped. This forces Pelli to end up forcing his own marriage to N Biharika. The two in-laws plot to free Pelli Gola but the movie is directed by Shimit Amin and produced by K Laxman.

The second episode of the Telugu web series titled as „Nishchitar“ is called „Nishchitar aehuk“ and revolves around an arranged marriage between Priya and Kumar. The title „Nishchitar aehuk“ literally means that when they marry they will have lots of children. The story line depicts how Priya and Kumar get married. The first child they have is a girl called Haritha. Kumar’s sister tries to convince him to marry her so that they can have a family of their own, but he refuses and chooses to marry Priya instead.

The third episode of the same Telugu Web Series „Nishchitar“ titled as „Nishchitar mein“ revolves around the relationship between Priya and Michael Madana. Priya fell in love with Michael and wanted to marry him but she realizes that Michael had taken interest in her mother. So she planned to kill Michael but was stopped by a taxi driver who saved Michael and beat her to death. Michael then vows to help his old friend find the meaning of life and work to become a better person.

The fourth episode of the same Telugu web series titled as „Nishchitar mein“ named as „Nishchitar ani choli“ revolves around the story of Pilla. Pilla was once a dancer but she lost her hand and feet due to rheumatoid arthritis. After that, she spent many years inside a mental hospital before she was found by Pilla’s foster-father who adopted her. However, Pilla soon proved to be more dangerous than she appeared to be and was almost murdered by a serial killer. Michael Madana plays the role of the serial killer here, along with several other guest stars including Anirudh Thotapalli and Kavita Krishnan.